Polecats – seen any in Wiltshire recently??

Vincent Wildlife Trust are still keen to receive records of Polecats and Polecat-ferrets, whether dead or alive, for their National Polecat Survey. Polecats appear to be widespread but uncommon in Wiltshire. The most frequent records are of those killed on the roads, particularly busy roads such as the A303, but a lucky few have seen live animals, including young families in Wiltshire in recent years. Any records will contribute to the National Polecat Survey as well as the Wiltshire Mammal Atlas Project.

Adult male Polecat - killed on road near Devizes September 2015
Adult male Polecat – killed on road near Devizes September 2015

During the autumn, young animals are dispersing from their breeding grounds, and may be more readily recorded. [Image: Adult male Polecat, killed on busy road near Devizes, 26th September 2015. (Gareth Harris, Wiltshire Mammal Group)]


3 thoughts on “Polecats – seen any in Wiltshire recently??”

  1. I recently (Nov 2018) saw what I believe to have been a mink scuttle across the verge and into the hedge at Tiddleywink close to Yatton Keynell.


    1. Good morning Mark. Great work thank you.
      Could you confirm the date please? And culd you provide a grid reference for the location (I use this website https://gridreferencefinder.com/). May I ask, could it have been a polecat or stoat? Could you describe the size and colouration please? Feel free to email me directly on wiltshiremammalgroup@hotmail.co.uk. Fleeting glimpses of mustelids as they cross roads can be tricky, so I’d be happy to discuss this with you by phone if that helps. Thanks Gareth (county recorder, Wiltshire Mammal Group)


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