National wildlife crime unit facing closure within weeks

In The Guardian, Chris Packham, the naturalist and TV presenter, has said it is “disgusting and disappointing” that the UK’s wildlife crime agency faces closure in six weeks unless the government renews its funding.

The national wildlife crime unit (NWCU) was established in 2006 to investigate offences including rare-bird egg theft, deer poaching, the trade in endangered species, hare coursing, illegal taxidermy and cruelty to wild animals.

George Osborne’s spending review, announced in November, did not confirm government funding for the agency beyond the end of March and it is now expected to close within weeks. Read more.

Please write to your local MP to demand that they continue to fund and support the NWCU. Wildlife Crime is extremely relevant in Wiltshire, its not just happening “somewhere else”. (You can find your local MP here). WMG members have been undertaking surveys for Brown Hares on land across Wiltshire in recent weeks. It’s depressing to note that illegal hare coursing is impacting such a huge number of landowners across the county, often several times a week. We need to be increasing the resourcing of the NWCU, not reducing it.


One thought on “National wildlife crime unit facing closure within weeks”

  1. I think that the funding should still continue supporting the NWCU. it is very important to
    protect are Wildlife, also i think this will have a drastic affect on our wildlife,


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