Merry Christmas!!


A huge Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all, whether members, friends or associates of WMG and WBG!

Thank you to all those who have contributed so much of their time and energy to mammal and bat conservation in Wiltshire throughout 2017 – there have been a number of exciting developments and findings which will be shared in the forthcoming newsletters (watch this space!!) ranging from new locations for rare bats and numerous positive harvest mouse surveys……..

Although many (but not all) of our subjects of interest will be hibernating now, there is still much to be done! The bat group’s hibernation counts at a series of sites across the county will commence in the New Year whilst project reporting, data collation & submission and so much more is ongoing! If you have records to submit from the 2017 field season, please submit them as soon as possible.

Please keep an eye out for mammals and their fieldsigns during your Christmas walks – the short daylight hours and the muddy ground conditions offer an abundance of mammal recording opportunities.

We look forward to seeing you in 2018 at any of a number of surveys, monitoring visits, events etc. We’re always looking for more folk to help organise events and surveys, so if you fancy getting involved please do get in touch. We might make these things look like they are smoothly and effortlessly organised, but like a proverbial swan, we’re paddling like mad below the surface!

Merry Christmas!


Brown Hare (C) Nick Tomalin
Something to remind you of summer! Brown hare (C) Nick Tomalin





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