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FarmWildlife – Helping hedgehogs on farmland

PTES recently published guidance promoting hedgehog-friendly management of farmland on the Farm Wildlife website.

The guidance can be read and downloaded here.




What is a biological record?

A useful guide for those new to recording species

Biological Recording

Recording wildlife became a popular pastime during Victorian times and, as a result, natural history societies began popping up around the country. As time and technology progressed, the activity of biological recording has adapted and there are now many recording schemes, methods of record submission and types of organisation. However, the first question that any biological recorder needs answered is what constitutes a biological record?

The Basics

In order for any biological record to be accepted it must have four basic components:

biological recordWho – The name of the recorder or determiner.

What – The name of the organism or group of organisms that you are recording.

Where – The location where the organism was observed.

When – The date the organism was observed.

Combining these four pieces of data produces a record of the presence of an organism at a specified time and place by a named individual, also known as a biological record.

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