Please send in your sightings. If you have made any records of any mammals, including bats in Wiltshire and Swindon then we want to know about them! All records will be verified by the relevant County Recorder and panel for Wiltshire as appropriate.

Note that any requests for records and data searches will be referred to the WSBRC.

Why report mammal sightings?

By reporting your sightings you help us to build up a better picture of the present distribution of mammals and identify changes in their population across the whole county. To be able to do this accurately relies upon everyone and anyone submitting their records. All records received will be passed to the WSBRC to add to the county dataset.

How do  I report sightings?







Living Record

You can report all your mammal sightings (yes bats too!)  online via our Living Record page from where they will be checked by the county verifiers. If our verifiers have any queries about your sighting they will contact you directly to discuss.

 Mammal Tracker

If you’d prefer to submit records from your phone then why not try the new Mammal Tracker app for iOS and Android? The app provides an easy way to identify and submit records of mammals whilst you’re out and about. It can be downloaded free from the iTunes App Store and Android Market and includes guidance on species identification, differentiating “Confusion Species” and enables you to submit geo-located photos.

Other formats

Yes we accept these too! Just download the most appropriate spreadsheet for your needs from the WSBRC website, under Submit Records, then just submit it direct to the Records Centre. They also will accept other formats as long as they contain the necessary fields (what, where, who, when) but these standard Excel spreadsheets are preferred as they are easiest to process and collate with other data for verification by the WMG verifiers and then sharing with others.

Any ad hoc records which are reported verbally or submitted by post or email to the WMG or WSBRC will be added to Living Record on your behalf. For this we need the minimum basic information of:

  • What is the precise species – give the scientific (Latin) and/or English name (if there is one).
  • Where did you see it – give a precise location and a six figure grid reference.
  • When did you see it – day, month, year.
  • Who saw it – give a name. If you did not identify it, also give us the determiner’s name.

One thought on “Recording”

  1. Not my sighting but seen on Facebook. Location – Chaveywell Bridge is situated at the far end of Castlefields Park in Calne :

    Alan Rogers
    15 October
    Yesterday while talking to a wildlife photographer on Chaveywell canal bridge, I mentioned seeing a water vole on the river bank some years ago. As we watched the canal a water vole swam across from the landing stage side to the bank where we think it went into a hole. I’m off down there with my camera tomorrow!


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Conserving all Wiltshire & Swindon's mammals