Get Involved

6Do you have a fascination for a specific species, or a particular area of the County?
Do you often go on walks and see mammals?
Wonder why you don’t see so many hedgehogs as you used to?

The Wiltshire Mammal Group is always looking at ways to expand its range of expertise, knowledge and mammal records, so why not get involved? The group relies on the good will of volunteers to help us meet our aims.  There are many opportunities for you to be part of this great work.  You don’t need to be an expert just some enthusiasm and desire to help our county mammals.

Whether it is out and about taking part in surveys, at home helping to respond to emails, or inputting mammal data records, your help is invaluable. Here are some ways you can get involved, but if you have a particular project you would like to see happen or set up with the group’s help then do get in touch.

Current project-related roles:

Dormice monitoring projects

If you would like to come along and help check our dormice monitoring boxes then please let us know which site is best for you and we will pass your request onto the organiser.  This is a great way to gain experience in handling dormice and working towards your handling licence – though we cannot guarantee that you will see a dormouse at every visit!

Other WMG roles:

Mammal photography

Are you a mammal photographer or have some great mammal photos that we could use to jazz up our website.  If so please contact us to discuss further.  We will acknowledge any photographs used.


Help to respond to emails, send out meeting minutes and update members on what the group are up to.

Dormouse boxes

Do you have some carpentry skills to help us repair and replace old boxes?

Don’t forget there other ways you can get involved by:

  • Keep sending in your mammal sightings – click here to submit records
  • Become a member – for as little as £10 a year.  Funds will go towards future surveys, replacing and repair equipment and dormice boxes
  • Spread the word.  Tell friends and family about our work
  • Are you public speaker and have a passion for mammals? Then why not speak to us about giving talks to interested groups to help spread the message

If you’d like to get involved in any of the above roles then please contact us.


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Conserving all Wiltshire & Swindon's mammals