The WMG produces a range of publications such as factsheets, guides and newsletters and as more are produced they will be added in this section.

These are produced as often as we can and provide an update on some of the recent activities happening across the county to support mammal conservation.

Identification Guides
We’re compiling some useful guides to help you with your identification. These are added here for you to download as they are completed. Let us know how you get on with these and let us know if there are any more you’d like!

Small Mustelid Identification Guide – this guide helps you identify stoat, weasel, polecat and mink from their footprints.

Badger and Otter Tracks  this guide aims to simplify identification of the two large UK mustelids by their prints.

Fox , Dog and Cat prints – this guide covers some of the most visible tracks that you might see when out and about in the countryside. These can be tricky to tell apart.


Conserving all Wiltshire & Swindon's mammals

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