WMG Equipment Hire

WMG has equipment available to WMG members for hire for the purpose of carrying out mammal surveys. Please get in touch if you wish to borrow any of the equipment below and we will get in touch with availability. Contact us.

  • Trail camera

Place in your garden or other known mammal spot to capture videos of mammals exhibiting their natural behaviour. Videos contributed by other WMG members using the trail camera can be seen on our newsfeed.

This equipment is free to hire; however, we ask for a £100 deposit when hiring the camera, this will be returned to you so long as loss/damage to the camera does not occur.  The easiest way to do this is by cheque, we will not cash the cheque unless the camera is damaged or not returned to us; this way the money never leaves your account!

  • Longworth traps

Use for a survey to humanely trap small mammals. This equipment is free to hire.

  • Dormouse nest tubes

Effective to determine the presence of dormice in an area through building of temporary nests in the tube. This equipment is free to hire

  • Hedgehog survey equipment

See our Wiltshire Hedgehog Project page for more information. This equipment is free to hire. Please contact Ben Williams .


Conserving all Wiltshire & Swindon's mammals

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